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The Irish Guardian

The Irish Easter Rising was not just an hide and seek with coulored eggs, it was also a seek, a search for freedom, liberty and independance.

Sunday, 30th January

Writer: Alexandre Langlois

Country: Netherlands

Editor: Lycee Van Gogh


Fun Fact: Did you know that Irish people almost ate only potatos and nothing else!

The Easter Rising

The Tricolor

The Post-Office

Today, The Irish Guardian is taking you on a trip to make you discover the fascinating facts of The Easter Rising. Before we start, you need to know that The Easter Rising is an armed rebellion launched by Irish Republicans against British rules with goal to establish an independant republic. You need to know that this was the biggest rebellion since 1798.
Ok, i think you are now ready to take off for a wonderful Irish destination.
It starts in April 1798 in Dublin, Galway, Louth, Wexford and Cork. It was launched by a Seven-Man Military Council and by a school master Patrick Pearse joined by the small Irish Citizen Army of James Connally and 200 women. The result of this rebellion was 66 people killed and 16 executed for the Irish and 143 killed and 397 wounded fot the English. Unfotunately fot the Irish, the English army erased the Irish rebells because of a much more important number of soldiers and a lot more weapons.

Interesting fact:
-Patrick Pearse, James Connally, Tom Clarke, were the principal actors of this rebellion.

The tricolor is the Irish flag which was used after the independance of Ireland. The three colors represent the Catholic and Protestant religions and peace.

The Post-Office was one of the most damaged bulidings during the rebellion.For example, when a bunch of rebels came and sticked the Tricolor in front of it shouting and breaking the windows an all that, people around were juste thinking , "Can i just post my Bloody Letter"!!!