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Joséphine Baker Quiz

When was Josephine Baker born?

25 September 1925

16 October 1951

03 June 1906

Question 1/10

dancer and leading showgirl


Question 2/10

Did Josephine Baker during her life?

dancer,activist and leading showgirl

Jones Family Band

Shuffle Along

Dixie Steppers

Question 3/10

What band did she perform with on Broadway?

Dance Sauvage

Black dance

Dance Charleston

Question 4/10

What is the famous dance that Baker dances?




Question 5/10

When does she sign a contract with Folie Bergere?

Which designers promoted French haute coutures?

Guccio Gucci and Gabrielle Chasnel

Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent

Christian Dior and Pierre Balmain

Question 6/10

17 March 1945

09 July 1902

16 October 1951

Question 7/10

When was she segregated?

Malcom X

Nelson Mandela

Martin Luther King

Question 8/10

Which of these men was supported by Baker?




Question 9/10

Or does it pass the march and the speech that baker will make?

When did Josephine Baker get back to the Pantheon in Paris?

09 January 2022

15 July 1997

30 November 2021

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