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New Zealand's description


Obviously, New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with its many volcanoes, its subtropical forests and its snowy ridges. New Zealand has every possible climate.

If you're into extreme sports, New Zealand was the first country to develop bungee jumping, but it is also a country that is very well known for all types of extreme sports: Skydiving, rafting, canyoning, jet boating, etc. There is even the Zorb and the Roboshark for those who like unusual activities!

Also, New Zealand is the country of the mythical film, The Lord of Rings. Moreover, it is possible to visit the famous village of Hobbiton or to climb Mordor.

Camping has never been easier than in New Zealand. You'll find facilities absolutely everywhere in New Zealand, even in the middle of the forest. Backpacker style camping is very common and it is easy to come across vans, which are fully equipped for sleeping and cooking.

If you like vegetation, nowhere else will you find the largest number of giant ferns. Also there are weidest trees like Pohutukawa trees, kauri trees with a huge trunk of 60 meters and for the end The saplings of the Silver Fern are called "koru" in the Maori language. Their shape symbolises strength, growth, youth and peace. Chances are you will buy a reproduction carved from wood or jade before the end of your stay. Known as flax, harakeke looks like hemp or flax, but is a distinct species unique in the world. Its long green leaves spring up from the ground in a striking bouquet.

If you can't travel without hiking, then New Zealand is perfect for you as it is a very photogenic country and to really appreciate the beauty of its places, nothing beats one of the countless hikes that take place throughout the country. There are no less than 9 Great Walks in New Zealand, not including the other walks in each region. Overlooking the national parks, they are well worth putting on your hiking boots