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What is the Beat generation ?


  • The Beat Generation was a literary movement started by a group of authors

  • The central elements of Beat culture are:
the rejection of standard narrative values
making a spiritual quest

the exploration of American and Eastern religions
the rejection of economic materialism
explicit portrayals of the human condition,
experimentation with psychedelic drugs
and explorations

  • The core group of Beat Generation authors met in 1944

  • Beatnik: was media stereotypes prevalent throughout the late 1940's that displayed the more superficial aspects of the beat generation.

precursors of the hippies

  • Beatnik and hippie are similar in term and concept

  • Identified as having radical and somewhat aberrant ideas

  • Used interchangeably, there exist a few differences between labels

  • they continued to demonstrate their rejection of American politics ans the American way of life

  • Their influence remains immense in the development of this movement

Bouddhist tendencies

  • They popularized Buddhism in the west

  • They exposes Buddhist ideas to the college-educated middle class youth

  • The Beat writters were among the minority of spiritual speakers in America

  • Each writters pursued his own path within Buddhist philosophy, and arrived at a different place as a result of his exploration

  • They contributed to the development of American Buddhism

American poet & novelist

JAck KErouac

American poet

Allen Ginsberg

American writer and visual artist

William Burroughs

Founders of the movement