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BARROW, Alaska

the place

population demographics



consequences of the

reason for the demographic change

Barrow, ALASKA? (Video "The Last Frontier?" p. 30)


presenter's feelings & conclusion

  • "there’s a sense of community in Barrow that is unrivaled by any other community I had ever seen in this country."
  • "I feel that if we’re really connected to Barrow and learn lessons from Barrow instead of treating Alaska like it’s some weird America stepchild, we would all have better communities throughout this country."

Despite the change in its population and its growth, the city of Barrow has a great sense of community. It should be a model /an example for many communities.

The Inupiaqs have managed to keep their culture alive (Implicit : as opposed to many "frontier" territories where the Natives underwent an ethnocide through forced assimilation and cultural destruction ...etc. --> see the question mark in the title The Last Frontier? + text p. 31, lines 4-5)




  • oil industry
  • high paid (oil industry) jobs

  • cold
  • unforgiving

  • "at the top of the world" = north of the Arctic circle --> the northernmost community in the United States
  • remote (= far away)
  • hard to get to

"The population has tripled over the last 5 decades"

  • (The population) "is getting way more* ethnically diverse" * a lot more
  • "there are twenty different races represented"
  • "people from around the world have moved to Alaska and Barrow specifically"
  • "30 years ago, it was [like] 99% (percent) native, now it's 60% native"

  • the change in the population of Barrow "has threatened the Inupiaq's ability to keep their culture"
  • The changing demographic "makes many of the Natives of Barrow uncomfortable"

  • "it"s important for the people of Barrow & the Inupiaq to hold on to their heritage*" (* patrimoine)
  • [...] to celebrate it, in a very loud and upfront way"

  • The number of inhabitants has dramatically* increased over the last 50 years.
  • The population has grown

* dramatically (False Friend) : noticeably, a lot

  • The inhabitants have become much more diverse in the last 30 years.
  • The demographics has dramatically changed over the last 50 years.
  • There are more and more ethnic groups in Barrow now

* dramatically (False Friend) : noticeably, a lot

  • There are many job opportunities in the oil industry in Barrow
  • The oil industry has allowed the economy to boom.
  • The oil industry has developed there.
  • With its well-paid job, the oil industry has attracted many workers / employees.

  • The Alaskan Natives feel the need to preserve their traditional culture and legacy for fear their culture might fade away (= gradually disapear)
  • They even showcase /highlight their cultural legacy and customs in order to remind new comers / "outsiders" (that) Barrow is an Inupiaq's territory.
  • Although Alaska is called the "Last Frontier", the Natives from Barrow make sure it remains an Inupiaq's territory.
  • Barrow has changed its name back to its first name, in inupiak's language: Utqiaġvik

  • The Alaskan Natives fear their traditional culture and legacy might fade away (= gradually disappear)