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Made by Chloé Garçon

My life since i'm borne until now

I my name is Chloé, and today i gonna talk to you about me

My father's name is Gilles Garçon

and my mother's name is Henriette Chalamet

My parents

On a trip in Cameroun in 2006

On a ski trip

Together they move from

Lyon to

Arles to

Biarritz en then to

Cadillac en Fronsadais

That's me, Chloé

I'm borne on the 13 May 2007 in Bordeaux

My family on my mother’s side is very large and scattered (éparpillée) around the world : in different city in France , in Rome Italy , in London England , in Bafousam Cameroun and in Guyane .

Les Chalamets

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