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Presentation of my city

I have been living in Ribeauvillé for 10 years now. Ribeauvillé is a very beautiful village located in Alsace. This small village is very touristic during the summer and the Christmas period.

Here is Ribeauvillé during Christmas time: There is a big medieval Christmas market with all kinds of food like "La tartine du chevalier" or plenty of hot drinks like elixir.

And here is Ribeauvillé in summer: there are plenty of things to do like walking in the town gardens, climbing to the St. Ulrich castle, going to the Carola swimming pool and having a good time walking around town and having a drink in the bars and restaurants.

In Ribeauvillé for centuries, there is a very famous festival called "la fête des ménétriers" (otherwise known as "Pfifferdaj"), it is celebrated the first weekend of September. Several associations build a float and create costumes that are in connection with the chosen theme, then all the floats parade and the next day there is a prize-giving ceremony with the first 3 winning floats.

I am a member of the "Den Bleiz" association. I love participating in this festival and being able to spend a day in the skin of a character that puts stars in the eyes of many people.

Ribeauvillé is one of the villages on the wine route, a tourist itinerary that goes through the wine region to discover the wines and their production. The cellar of Ribeauvillé is very well known on this route, it also brings a lot of tourists.

Ribeauvillé is also known for its "Casino Barrière" which offers slot machines, a hotel, restaurants, bars and a spa. This casino also offers a variety of shows. It attracts many tourists, but the locals like to go there from time to time.

I love my village, its charm, its half-timbered houses, its typical Alsatian food, its tourist side, I love everything about Ribeauvillé. This village is like a little cocoon, I like it and I love living here.

Thank you!

I hope you will like Ribeauvillé as I do