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Indy Autonomous Challenge

Autonomous car

31 - 01 - 2022

Student: MANRY Mathys


03. How it works ?

05. A breakthrough

01. Who "created" it

02. Design

04. Who is targeted ?

01. Who created it


The Indy Autonomous Challenge is organized by
Energy Systems Network and the Indianapolis
Motor Speedway.

The Goal

  1. Defining and solving edge case scenarios for autonomous vehicles
  2. Catalyzing new autonomous driving technologies

and innovations
3. Engaging the public in the competition to help ensure

02. Design

The Racecar

The optimisation of the Racecar

IAC Dallara AV-21

All the Racecar have the same engine, same tires, the same sensors (Camera, GPS Device, Radar).
The team composed of student in University need to create a software.

03. How It works ?

As a sponsor, Ansys assisted in the design of the vehicles by providing racing teams with a virtual model of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, as well as a virtual model of racecar and its sensors.

The racecar is equip with sensor who allow is program differently by each team for know this environnment.
The team use simulation environments and cloud computing.

04. The target


The public

The students in University who want to participate at the challenge

Try to reassure the public about autonomous vehicles

05. A breakthrough

This device is a breakthrough because they devellop software and hardware in order to improve the safety in vehicles for the driver and others.
Autonomous vehicles going to be a revolution because they will make it possible to optimize the driving and the route.

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