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Joséphine Baker

Freda Josephine McDonald

3 June 1906

Saint-Louis in Missouri

Spanish, African-American and Native American origin


dancer leading showgirl activist


Dixie Steppers

her husband

his debut

  • Broadway
  • Willie Wells 14 years
  • Willie Baker 1920

come to Paris

  • 24 september 1925
  • Revue Nègre
  • Theatre of the Champs elysée
  • Dance charleston
  • Crossing NewYork-Cherbourg

Folie Bergere

  • sign contract in 1929
  • Castle of Milandes (House)
  • Folie du jour

home of Baker

A woman solidarity

Pierre Balmain Christian Dior

  • Commits to the Red Cross
  • Collaborates with Dior and Balmain for sewing

back home

scene of the incident

his return to NYC

  • 1947 return to the country
  • Victim of Segregation
  • 16 October 1951

  • 1960 campaigned against the apartheid policy in South Africa
  • 1963 participated in the March for Jobs and Freedom
  • Speech with uniform of the French army

the fight for rights

Martin Luther King help

March on Washington Speech after the march

The end of her life

  • Died on 12 April 1975
  • entrance to the Pantheon on 30 November 2021