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john lennon


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john lennon's blood-filled glasses

peace and love


john lennon was born on 9 october 1940 in liverpool and died on 8 december 1980 in new york

He was an author, composer, guitarist and writer. he had a very hard childhood and was given to the care of his aunt when he was 3 years old

The Beatles were founded in 1960.

john lennon founded his first band at the age of 16 called the quarrymen.who in this group had Paul mc cartney. who then broke away from the quarrymen to create the beatles.

ohn lennon married yoko ono in 1969 on the 20th. he was with her for 11 years and they all fought for peace and love. their honeymoon was very special because they stayed in their beds for 1 week to make a gesture for peace and love very strange honeymoon.

wooa strong man

has sold over 600 million records

600 millions

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record in usa

this is john lennon's killer he signed an autograph for this man then seconds later killed her

he died on 8 December 1980 of 5 gunshot wounds

and these are the glasses on the day John Lennon was murdered




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