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Map of Ireland

Amjad and Hajar

Irish Monument :

Temple Bar

In the very heart of Dublin lies Temple Bar, an area famous for its many Irish pubs and restaurants, some of which are considered part of Dublin's heritage

Irish tradition :

Irish Stew

If you're travelling to Ireland and want to try the local cuisine, here are two words to remember: Irish stew! Irish Stew is a dish as simple as it is tasty .

Irish tradition:

The Fish and chips

Ah the fish and chips and Ireland ! Much more than a simple dish: it is a true love story for the Irish! This legendary dish is part of the local culinary heritage and is very popular with the population.

Religious festival:

St. Patrick's Day

Beer, music and dancing. This is what St. Patrick's Day in Ireland can be summed up in three words. The Irish take the opportunity to party, sing, dance and drink. An exceptional moment, which is now celebrated all over the world.

Irish character :

Conor McGregor

Born on 14 July 1988 in Dublin's Crumlin district, Conor McGregor developed a passion for sport as a child, particularly football. He started boxing at the age of 12.