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Conspiracy theories

AIDS : disease that can be caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

"The virus was created by the CIA"


-> from francophone Central Africa

-In francophone central Africa the virus represent 3% of the population

-In anglophone east Africa the virus represent between 5 and 20% of the population

Robert Strecker

Leonard Horowitz

-> Created in a laboratory by the American government

-> Orchestrated by American health agents

-> 1948-1978 establishing of U.S. Special Virus Programm for spread the virus by targeting African-American population

-> For the organisation Nation of Islam it was "a virus created by whites"

"A lack of correlation between the HIV and AIDS"


-> Due to the conjunction of different forms of stress

-> Curable by mystical or religious powers

-> This disease would be mild and not deadly

-> African-American and Homosexual are most affected by this virus

-> Anglo-Saxon scientists denounce the lack of evidence that should be established a link between HIV and AIDS

-> Seropositivity test different depending on where they are made

An experimental accident


Hilary koprowski have created this virus from chimpanzee kidneys

Hilary Koprowski

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