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Soolking was know be the stage name MC Sooluntil 2013, his real name is Abderraouf Derraji and he is born in December 10, 1989. Soolking, is an Algerian rapper, singer, dancer who finds success in 2018. This man is not known enough for what he does, that’s why I’m doing an article on him. He was almost unknow in France. Until an appearance, in January 2018, in the program " Planet Rap", on Skyrock, he created a surprise and intepreted "Guerrilla". In 2018, the "Guerrilla" song is already a hit. This song, which tells of his wanderings as an undocument person. The rapper's songs, are a real phenomen in Algeria, is taken up yhe streets and has exceed 17millions views on Youtube. Algerian youth has just found its anthem. Soolking, the mega star of the country unveiled, wiyhout announcement effect, a songsoberly titled "Libeté "( freedom), in duet with Ouled El Bahdja. This poignant politicaltitle was written in response to the politicak crisis that the country is going through. He support the Algerian people by claming the situations of the country and conveys the messages of the people through his songs.


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