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Boris johnson



of Boris Johnson

  • Born 19 June 1964 in New York
  • He is a British statesman
  • Wife : Carrie Symonds and 6 kids
  • Oxford University
  • He’s the leader of the Conservative Party and prime Minister of the United Kingdom since 2019

Boris Johnson

What does he do?

Boris Johnson

  • Leader of the Conservative Party

  • Prime Minister of UK

  • Promises a fast exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union

  • The 2012 Summer Olympics, a reduction in crime and gentrification, a ban on alcohol consumption on public transport, the introduction of a new generation of buses and Santander bikes (known as 'Boris Bikes').

  • He guide and coordinates the policies and actions of the secreteries of state who head the various executive departements of the gouvernement and senior civil servants

  • When the Queen exercising her functions, she only acts on the advice of the Prime Minister