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Pain point 1 :
Ramp up time


Pain point 2:
Fostering sales excellence

Pain point 3:
Driving business impact

Next steps

  1. Discovery: I am curious what’s your onboarding process like and how much time it takes for reps to sign their first deal?

    • What do you identify as the top roadblocks to streamline this process?

      • Examples: FTF: inflexible process, reps need to wait for people to be available, reps forget everything after 2 weeks, no evaluations, no tracking GG Slides: documentation everywhere, no traceability

      • Client respond : Blablablablablabla

  1. Insight: I talk to a lot of Sales leaders in Tech, and one of their biggest challenge is to accelerate ramp-up time . Basically, any day, an AE, IS, or SDR is not fully ramped, the company is losing money. Yet, it takes 4/6 months for reps to close their first deal on average.

  1. Hook with example: When we started working with Criteo they were at stage 0 of digitizing their training. Thanks to 360Learning they were able to train 700 sales and marketing employees on their new CRM in 4 weeks when it would have taken 6 months with their previous system. My favorite part about this is the fact that the course completion rate was well over 90% which blasts all other similar platforms out of the water.

  1. Insights: Once people are on-boarded, the challenge is make sure they are continuously brushing up on their skills. Especially in Tech, it’s very easy to become obsolete in a few months without proper training. new product launches, new tools , new go-to-markets, new competitors. It never ends right ? According to a recent research 70% of Sales Enablement leaders say they struggle to provide up-to-date content and keep up with the pace of change in their organization.

  1. Discovery: How does this work when you have a new product launch? how much time does it take you to create a new battle cards? How many stakeholders gets involved in the creation and delivery of the content? How long does it take to upskill your reps? Do you have to push back on certain requests?

  1. Hook with example: With 360learning collaborative authoring tool it literally takes hours instead of months for the Knot to ship a new program. No particular technical or infographic expertise is required and marketing, Ops and Enablement can easily collaborate right from within the platform. Our tool helped shift from a one-off approach to a continuous learning culture that adjust to the ever changing environment the Knot competes in.

  • 1) Insights: 92% of Sales Enablement leaders struggle to demonstrate the impact of enablement on revenue. Not so surprising when you know that most LMS offers Scoring and completion rates as their main KPIS. The VP of Sales doesn’t care about completion and scoring but rather Time to first deals and hit ratio and quota.

  • 2) Discovery: How important is learning ROI to your Sales organization? How do you measure the impact of learning on performance today? What data could help you have better conversations with sales leadership?

3) Hook with example:
I’d like to talk about one of our clients in the food and beverage industry, Danone, when it comes to our connection with Salesforce. We make it possible to clearly quantify the impact of training and deliver the right course to the right person at the right time. Because of this Danone saw a 22% improvement in knowledge retention due to the fact that programs are optimized for the individual.

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Connect on Strategy

  • What are the results you want to see from a new sales training tool?

  • Great would love to connect you to XXX for a more in-depth conversation...

2. Book Next Step

I would like to set up an online conference with one of our account executives so they can show you 360Learning in action. Does that sound good to you?