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the living conditions of women in the United Kingdom ?

how has contraception helped

table of contents




I / / United Kingdom

A) The contraceptive right

II / / A two-speed Ireland

A) North Ireland

III / / Republic of Ireland

A) The Mentalities

B) The right of abortion

B) Covid and Abortion

B) The historical moments



I / / united kingdom

Eternal struggle




sexual life for women

Babies in the right place



The post-war period in the United Kingdom was a time of progress and innovation in the development of contraceptive methods.

The inhibitions about sex were also about women not being able to be controlled by getting pregnant and the fear of women's independence.

Contraceptive methods were not studied in medical education, with the exception of a few medical schools, considered to be completely different from obstetrics and gynecology.

It was common sense at the time that most doctors wouldn't provide contraception to unmarried women and so women had to lie about fictional upcoming weddings .

Some pioneers such as Marie Stopes fought for poor women bearing multiple children and provided contraception through her clinics as early as 1921 until the 1960s.

The pill was invented in the 1950s and it was first marketed in the UK in 1960.

Seven years before the abortion act 1967.

Before abortion was legal women who wanted to end their pragnancy had some options, dangerous self-administered at-home abortions or they went to backstreet abortionists.

Many young women in their twenties have lost their lives due to complications, sepsis, or organ failure.

In Scotland, Wales and England, thanks to the Abortion Act of 1967, you can legally have an abortion until 23 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy.


Parliament clearly believed that prevention is better than the cure.

The National Health Service Act of 1973, to provide contraceptive services for all persons regardless of their gender and marital status.

1975 when the National Health Service took over the clinics.


abortion 1959

Abortion Testimony/ 1959



With conductions

as long as they are over 30 years old and own property or have been at university



' The right to vote '


Equal voting rights

law allowed doctors to provide contraception to unmarried women

but for the next ten years, new laws are passed to prevent women from joining a jury, working after marriage, and working in the industry


but still taboo and unpopular

legalization of birth control pills


II / / A two-speed Ireland

Eternal struggle


Until 2008, a very small number of Northern Irish MPs declared themselves pro-choice. At first, the majority called women selfish when they demanded the right to abortion.



Fiona Bloomer, researcher at the University of Ulster

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Despite the referendum launched in Northern Ireland in 2019 for abortion this country, that differentiates itself for several years from England, was remaineing the most opposed to abortion in Europe.

Within the parliament in Stormont Protestant Unionist forces and Catholic Republican forces clash and provoke Internal tensions preventing to mean for a vote favorable or not abortion.

Abortion was allowed in Northern Ireland only if the life of the mother is in danger.

Thats what drove the Northern Irish to go to England to get an abortion at their own expense (transport, accommodation, hospitalization costs) although it is free for all other women of the United Kingdom.

Then FREE for Northern Ireland whose annual income was less than 20,000 euros Recipient of allowances.


Naomi Connor

Obstructing abortions doesn’t stop abortions. It just makes them unsafe.


Co-organiser of Alliance for Choice


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From 21 October 2019 at midnight, Northern Ireland joins the United Kingdom on the question of legalisation of abortion .

1 April 2020, Northern Ireland had to wait another 9 days to claim their rights.

They are forced to take long ferry hours without any accompanying persons due to the pandemic and to make the round trip during the day.

the first abortive pill at the clinic and are forced to take the second pill during the journey back in the ferry

During the pandemic abortion by “home abortion pill” has been authorized in England and other British provinces.

Northern Ireland had to go to the clinic, endangering herself in the face of the covid 19 epidemic.


III / / Republic of Ireland

Eternal struggle


Iconic figure in Ireland since the 1970s

This event is a historic moment of the Irish feminist movement: it helped to break the «taboo against the evocation of contraceptive practices». The very important media coverage of this successful event conveyed a powerful message that raised awareness of women’s issues and contraception.

Contraceptive Train

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Nell McCafferty

Condom Train/ Pill Train




Mary McGee

  • A mother of four children, she had complications in her previous pregnancy and was told that having another child would put her life in danger.

  • On medical advice, she ordered spermicidal jelly from England but it never arrived because of the authority of Irish Customs had seized her package.



to conclude

  • To conclude, the struggle of women is a very vague and rich subject. The United Kingdom was still an Avangadist country on the subject of contraception and abortion.

  • Although the sad reality is that for some Northern Irish citizens this right has been taken away from them for so long and even punished by the law if it has been exercised.

  • However, it makes you think that in our so-called "moderate" socity that it would have been necessary to wait until 2018 for the Irish of the north to have a healthy sexual life without being afraid of being condemned by the law or of being a forced motherhood.