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Women & University Education

01 The context

02 The processus

03 The changes


Women and young women were oppressed by :

_ The ideology of the angel of the house
_ The cliche that they should stay home and take care of the children and the household
_ People especially men who did not want them to access to high studies

Women in the 20th century were limited to basic studies. Hence it was very difficult for them to obtain a university education. They were put under pressure to be the perfect Victorian woman : a mother, a wife and a housekeeper.

The context

The Processus

"The aim of women’s higher education is not to take away women’s roles in the society. Whether their function is to be a mother, a teacher, or a housekeeper, then education, especially higher education is a need."

Emily Davies

Newnham College Cambridge

Josephine Butler

Mary Brown

-In 1881, the Senate of the Graces admitted women to the right of sitting for Tripos examinations (at the University of Cambridge, a Tripos is any of the examinations that qualify an undergraduate for a bachelor's degree or the courses taken by a student to prepare for these)

- After 40 years and a world war, women are finally allowed to get degrees.

- Also the medical profession has allowed women to become doctors. Even so, by 1900 there were only 200 women doctors.

- It was not until 1910 that women were allowed to become accountants and bankers.However, there were still no women diplomats, barristers or judges.

The Changes since then :

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