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Anaïs Lunven

Chinese "artificial sun" sets new world record

sources: XINHUA


03. the influence of the creation of the EAST

04. questions

01. the EAST

02. Physics objectives

01. the EAST

Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak

    • nuclear fusion reactors located in Hefei, China
    • high-temperature plasma at 70 million degrees C, x5 temperature of the sun
    • kept under control by powerful electromagnets operating at hundreds of degrees below zero.


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02. Physics objectives

EAST was designed to test:

  • Superconducting Niobium-titanium poloidal field magnets
  • 1st tokamak with superconducting toroidal and poloidal magnets
  • unlock near limitless clean energy
  • creating superconducting spaceship
  • to harness the power of nuclear fusion
  • creating an energy without producing greenhouse gases or long-lasting radioactive waste.


03. the consequences of EAST

a scientific breakthrough

  • create nuclear fusion like the Sun

a model for the world

  • ITER=magnetic field 280,000 times as strong as the one around the Earth

  • fusion energy the ideal "ultimate energy" for the future of humanity.

  • commercially generating electricity from fusion by 2030

08. questions



Dolor sit

  • What would happen if a nuclear fusion reactor exploded ?
  • is nuclear fusion the same as nuclear fission ?
  • why do we use fission and not fusion like the EAST or ITER ?

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sources: XINHUA