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The art of resistance

24th January

The first piece of art it's a Clarck Johnson's movie untitled "Boycott". The film was broadcast in 2001. In his movie, Clarks refers to the famous episode the Rosa Parks Bus Boycott.
The second work of art is a cartoon of Marshall Ramsey. Published on 2019 on his twitter acount, the drawing is inspired of the Boycott of Rosa Parks.
The last artistic creation, is a song by the Neville Brothers which is called "Sister Rosa". The song was created in 1996. The group is from New Orleans, Louisiana. In "Sister Rosa",the group has decided to tell the story of the Bus Boycott in 1955 in Alabama. Rosa Parks is described as a srong and brave women who's start the freedom movement for the black people. She's an icon for the black community.

Those three works of art each talk about the same subject : The Bus Boycott of Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks, famous symbol of black resistance, refused to give her sit to a white man on the bus, on December the 1rst 1955. She's the first one to file an oppositon during the segregation that takes place mainly in the south of the United States. Those three piece of art represent this historical moment in different ways. The film refers to the real story, the cartoon represents Rosa Parks who's waiting for the "Heaven" bus that save her a place, which shows a sort of tribute to her, and the music was clearly wroten to thank her on what she has done and to honor her.

In conclusion, those creations are protesting against racism. They were published on different years, which signifies that the fights against segregation, violence,and racism are still here and people all around the world have to remember to contribute in a better world.