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Gabriel Fernandez


Gabriel Fernandez was

- 8 years at the time of the facts

- Abused and killed by him mother and her partner

- Lived in Palmdale in USA

- This case revealed problems with social services

May 22, 2013.

Abandoned by his mother at birth

His uncle and his companions took him away

Then lived with his grandparents because they didn’t accept that Gabriel grew up with a gay couple

Finally he goes back to his mother Pearl Fernandez and her partner Issauro Aguirre


- a sexual game between us

-Is fed on cat litter

- Sleeps in a closet

- Homophobia, forced to dress like a girl

- Shaved his hair to humiliate the boy

-punished him in frozen water



At school, he gave mother’s birthday gifts because he loved his mom...

"Is it normal to bleed?"

"Is it normal to get whipped with a belt?"

A quiet child, very nice but more and more withdrawn

Jennifer Gracia, teacher

Teacher who notified social services following Gabriel's injuries and behaviour, to no avail.

This revealed a gap in the social services. A case that led to the creation of a child abuse unit.

Social services.

The influenced

The Influencer

Distorts and denounces Gabriel's words to Issauro


Beats him to death
in a fit of rage by calling
him gay.

wants his mother to separate from Issauro because he is violent


Lawyer Jon Hatami, who himself experienced abuse as a child, represents the prosecution


Issauro is sentenced to death and Pearl to life imprisonment


Memorial of Gabriel and all battered children


Celebrities pay tribute to him.