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Aarhus don't have an airport inside the city.

The nearest is located in Tirstrup, at 40 kilometers to the north east.

It is a 40 minutes drive by car.

ARoS is Aarhus main museum.

On the roof there is a rainbow panorama installation by Olafur Eliasson, which gives a nice view over the city.

Aarhus Central Station connects the city to the rest of Denmark, and even Germany (Hamburg city for example).

An electric light rail system is also departing from the Central Station, it is the first in Denmark, and the development of more routes is planned.

Aarhus is the city with the largest number of students in Denmark, with 52,000 students (around 12% of the total population).

The port is the largest container terminal in Denmark, and one of the largest industrial port in Northern Europe (although Hamburg is very competitive).

There is also the ferry, which the only alternative beside the bridge further south, to cross over towards Zealand, the main island where Copenhagen is.

There are 2 main roads that form rings around the city centre. But the car traffic is limited inside the city because other means of transport are preferred, for example there are large pedestrian parts in the centre.

To answer the increasing demand in housing and office, entire new districts are constructed, like this one, called Aarhus Ø.