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presentation week 3: Washington

- Why is it so difficult for

Joe Biden to try & strengthen gun control laws ?
- What did his predecessors do or achieve ?

Do some research to better understand the intricacies of the ‘anti-gun activists VS gun rights supporters’ battlefield in the US.

Then give your opinion.


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John F. Kennedy
attack, 1963

Martin Luther King attack, 1963

Pro-Gun activists

Donald Trump

-Republican party

Charles L. Cotton

"He voted against carrying concealed weapons. Eight of his church members could have been alive if he had specifically allowed them to carry handguns during the service. People have died because of his political positions”

Member of the Board of Directors of the NRA

Anti-gun activists

Anti-Gun activists organizations

Art to raise awarness

and promote

gun regulation



  • What is the NRA ?
  • To which party does Joe Biden belong to ? Donald Trump ?
  • Which amendment give to people the right to own weapons ?
  • When was the Second Amendment ratified ?
  • What does "Gun Control" mean ?
  • What is the legal age to buy your first firearm?
  • Can you name an organization that prompt gun control ?
  • Can you name an organization against gun control?
  • What act passed in 1968 ?
  • According to the law who are the people who cannot buy firearms in the US nowadays ?