Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


Yes, we can.




1. How

2. The Challenge

3. You

1. How?

Easy question, with a plane of course! you just have to pay your travel and your food, hotel is on us!


In January 2023! It takes time to prepare a travel like this, I am sure you will be less restless than us!

2. The Challenge

Of course, you need experience, if you have never climbed a mountain of at least 6500 meters like Idris and Luka did in 2019, you unfortunately cannot participate to this expedition.😭

We will take the plane to Nepal, then a guide will drive us to the Hotel

7days, we will have prepared all the food, water, etc. that we need.

No phone and no internet except for the guide who can need it for medical purpose

A test will be sent to you, for us to see if you are really the perfect partner (We are sure you are!)

A medical team will follow us 24/7 to help us if we need.

Next day, we start our challenge with the help of the guide Anil, Idris, Luka and you!

"Since the mountain is not coming to us, let's go to the mountain."



We need someone that is brave, valiant, who does sports at least 2 times a week. Someone, who could sleep at night in the snow of Himalaya, even walk naked with us if he has to do it. We need you to de anything to complete the challenge. We need you to be INVOLVED!

Otherwise, if you like Bruno Mars it'll do it.

The test.