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Sevenseas Water

"Pure water, healthy body"

pre-lunch general meeting

Communication department

-Targeted people who care about their health

-Provide AD TV but not too much (CBS)
-The majority of the communication on internet
-Hire influencers specialised in sports and well being
-Working on sponsorphip of NBA and NFL

Product and desing department

-would like to particpate in the daily activities of the customer

-would like to guarantee the best quality
-the cost of the bottle will only 1,5$
-We going to sell them in supermarkets and sports hall
-in beverage dispensers in big companies.

social work department

-we sell water so we will help with access
-20% of the price will be donated for underdeveloped countries
-This could lead the customer to buy the bottle if he can lead to a good action
-put in place contract with the government in case of natural disaster