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Time Capsule

Séquence 4




Key Question : How and why leave a trace of our time to future generations ? Which one ? What is part of the daily life of our current teenagers ? / Comment et pourquoi laisser une trace de son époque aux générations futures ? et laquelle ? quels sont les objets qui composent le quotidien des adolescents d'aujourd'hui?


Final Task :

Your school decides to bury a time capsule for future students. The Head of the school asked you to prepare a letter to insert in it (Imagine the capsule will be re-opened in 50 years). You will have to explain the purpose of a time capsule and to describe the objects you wish to store inside it.


First Task :

Write a letter to you classmates to explain to them what is a time capsule. You will tell them about a time capsule found somewhere and speak about some things that were discoreved in it in order to give examples of what should be left in the one you are preparing.

- Grammaticaux : expression de l'hypothèse avec les auxiliaires must/might/may, la description (be+ing révision), le rapport cause/conséquence, l'expression du but enable to/be to/meant to...


- Lexicaux : Les prépositions de lieu (beneath, underneath, underground…), le vocabulaire de la time capsule / les nouvelles technologies / les souvenirs / le vocabulaire de la description.

- Culturel : cérémonie à l'américaine

- Citoyen : sentiment d'appartenance

- Sociolinguistique et pragmatique : Garantir la cohérence et la cohésion dans un récit / Argumenter / Structurer et organiser son discours / Faire une description méthodique

- 3 time capsules' pictures


- Extract from the movie "Knowing"

- Article from the BBC "Time Capsule Found at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edimburg"

- Youtube video from the channel "CBS Mornings" "Time capsule hidden by Revolutionary War heroes unearthed in Boston"

- Formal invitation letter from the University of Reading

- Extract from an episode of Riverdale (season 5, episode 3)