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Giving feedback


SUpportive feedback

Well done! = Bien joué!

That was
-great / excellent!
- awesome! (= génial)
- amazing! (= formidable)
- wonderful! (= merveilleux)
- incredible! (= incroyable)
- stunning! (= éblouissant)

Good job! / Good stuff!
Nice work!

First class!

What a cracking performance!


Encouraging someone

Come on, you can do it!
You've got this! (= Tu vas y arriver !)

Come on, it's almost over / you're almost there! (= c'est presque fini / on y est presque !)

That's good, keep going! (= C'est bien, continue comme ça !)

I know this is hard / tough / difficult, but it's worth it! (= Je sais que c'est difficile, mais ça vaut le coup !)


Change-oriented feedback

Try to + base verbale = Essaye / Essayez de ...
=> Next time, try to focus on your abs to make this workout even more efficient.

You should + base verbale = Tu devrais / Vous devriez...
=> Next time, you should focus on your abs to make this workout even more efficient.

Here is some advice for you to keep in mind next time = Voici des conseils à garder en tête pour la prochaine fois...

advice = un conseil / des conseils (c'est un mot indénombrable, qui ne prend pas de -s au pluriel et qui va s'utiliser uniquement avec un verbe conjugué au singulier).

Now practice!

Watch the video from 0'00 to 2'53.

1) Who is "Coach Cal"?

2) In front of whom did he give his pep talk?

3) Where does "Coach Cal" get his inspiration from when he is preparing a pep talk?

4) Can you guess what the expression "to get the W" means?


1) Coach Cal (Cal Perks) is a six-year-old boy who became head coach of the Petersborough Petes after giving a pep talk.

2) He performed his pep talk before a game of a Canadian hockey team.

3) From hockey songs, hockey books and from his own coaching experience.

4) It means to GET THE WIN!