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Live Free

The evolution of freedom in recent years

  • In cars no seat belt
  • Can smoke everywhere
  • No need to have a bank
  • Free to to travel, with some restrictions
  • No terrorism on french territory
  • Free to have fun with friends
  • No helmet to ride a bycicle

  • Precautionary mesures
    • level sanitary
    • level security
  • Video surveillance
  • Data collection
  • Connected on social network
  • List of countries blacklisted increase

Society evolution

When i was Younger

a long time ago

Now in 2022

Freedom to be oneself

On our beneficent society, a model has appeared

  • Forced to appear younger than we are
  • Don't be fat, don't smoke , play sports , eat vegetables
  • Drive an electric car
  • Have a lot of virtual friend
  • Study to have a good job and make a lot of money
  • Go on vacation in distant lands
  • Trust in your banker, you gouvernment
  • Be vaccinated
  • don't be gendered

What future for us

Without being reactionary, or bitter, the evolution of society shows a decrease in our freedoms and a convergence of well-thought-out models

What will we leave to the future generation and for us what our rights will be in the next few years

Stop to the diktats

That's all!