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Date : 09 February 2022

Students : Bercisse AssiaVial LeaMorin Charline

« Infinite science »

Today, we welcome two apprentice researchers. They will talk about their scientific research.Through their testimony, we want to offer our viewers a personal and authentic account of the reality of producing a Master's thesis.

Welcome to our show

First of all, could you introduce yourselfs ?

You're talking about a research file, I guess this file is also called a Master Thesis. Can you explain it in your own words ?

Can you give us the title of your Master Thesis ?

Why did you chose this topic ?

Can you summarize your work and tell us what goals you would like to achieve ?

Tell us a positive aspect on your subject and a negative aspect.

What advice would you give to future Master's students who will have to do a Master Thesis ?

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Thank you to both of you for your answers and for sharing your research thesis with us.Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for following us during this episode of “Infinite Science” special Master's research thesis.Excellent evening and see you tomorrow same channel, same time, for a new special thesis episode.And now, play game !

Thank you for your loyaulty