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me and all my coworker were wearing a helmet with a big W on the front. On this picture i were a white helmet because i am a chief

But what was the ARP?

Air Raid Precautions (ARP) were created by the national government and delivered by the local authorities. The aim was to protect civilians from the danger of air-raids.

We were 1,4 million but the first year we were only 200 000. This poster makes me want to enlist

source of image: wikimedia commons

During an air raid we needed equipment and here is some of them:

-gas mask
-ceiling pike
-gas rattle:its a hand-held noisemaking device used to give warning of a gas attack or during gas mask drill.
-first aid kit

what should i do during an air raid?

my main purpose was to patrol the streets during blackout and to ensure that no light was visible. If a light was spotted,I would alert the people responsible by shouting something like "Put that light out!" or "Cover that window!".

This period wasd a source of fear and sadness. The fear was everywere...one day I had to sacrified my dog because I had not enough food... I was devastated... but I tried to keep smilling for all the childrens who were terrified by the blitz. I did my duty.

and here is the poster that pushed me to kill my dog:

i'm Bob an air raid warden and let me tell you my life during the blitz.