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Estate agent

What is a real estate agent?
Real estate agents carry out real estate and/or land transactions (rental, sale) and advise custommer on the possibilities of acquisition, rental, sale according to real estate legislation.

Level of education.
You need to have a Bac + 3 (BTS or DUT), or even a master's degree from a business school.
If not, experience in the same field.

Other responsabilities and duties :
-Ensuring good contact with customers, listening to them and satisfying them as best as possible.
-Ensure a good sale and follow-up.

The starting salary is usually €1,200 or commission.
The place of work is mainly in a real estate agency but there is often some travelling to do.
Working hours are from 9am to 6pm.
This job requires passion, diligence and organisation.
And of course a professional attitude and dress is essential!