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Today's objective

Working on French students worst enemy and saving the ears of your (amazing) English teacher.

The pronunciation of



What are the 3 possible pronunciation of -ed at the end of words in English?

(Be careful, if you tell the FORBIDDEN answer you may give your teacher a heartattack, and nobody wants that to happen)


/d/ /t/ /id/

Listen to the audio and put the verb in the right colon

/d/ /t/ /id/

Think and complete

/ ... / it’s the most common
/ ... / when the verb ends with the sounds /s/ /ʃ/ /ʧ/ /p/ /k/ /f/ /θ/
(s ch tch p k f th)
/ ... / when the verb ends with a -t or a -d

It's now time for a ......


Next activity -
take your coloured pens

Today's objective

Let's be creative!

Activity 1 - The sculptor

Get in groups (3 / 4 )

One pupil is the sculptor, the others the actors

The sculptor is given a painting / picture, he must give directions in English to the actors in order to have them represent the painting.

Then, compare the picture and the "alive artwork"

Activity 2 - Make it alive

Get in groups (3 / 4 )

Each group gets a painting

Imagine what the characters could be saying / doing

Prepare a short representation, and action!

Activity 3 - Meme it

In pairs, chose at least 3 pictures

Imagine short captions to make them into memes

The structure

- Start with an introduction
-> greet the audience, announce your subject
- One part = One argument
-> part 1: the causes / part 2: the consequences / part 3 ...
- Use connectors
-> Moreover, however, instead...
- Make clear paragraphs
-> First, Secondly, ...
Finish with a conclusion
-> come back to your main subject

Make it convincing

- Include the audience in your speech
-> you, we, ...
- Use precise examples and figures
-> numbers, percentages, ...
- Use adjectives
-> urgent, terrible / amazing, incredible
- Use your body
-> Illustrate your words with gestures
- Use your voice
-> Stress some words, make pauses after
important information

Tips for the oral

- Don't write full sentences on your paper
- Don't try to rush, speak at a normal speed
- Don't forget to beathe!
- Try to make eye contact with your audience