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Across the divide

Sequence 3 - ML1


Checkpoint 1

U2 / Cranberries

Derrry Free Corner


Checkpoint 3

Belfast's Murals

Belfast's Peace Walls


Checkpoint 2


Both Sides Now

A troubled history

Step 1



INTRODUCTION1. React ! (c.f. wh-questions)2. Where do you think the picture was taken? Can you imagine what it refers to?

1. Before listening: what can you imagine from the title?2. Watch the video, react and check your hypotheses : what is the song about ? whatcan we see in the music video ? did you pick up the chorus ?3. Focus on the soundtrack and make notes of all the words/phrases you can.4. Pick out interesting new words/phrases for our sequence.



Choice #2:"Zombie", The Cranberries


Choice #1:"Sunday, Bloody Sunday", U2

Irish history in songs

+ homework

Introduce a part of Ireland's history.

1. Choose a topic among the following : Northern Ireland today (facts) - Ireland today (facts) - The Easter Rising - TheIndependence of Ireland - The Troubles - The Good Friday Agreements2. Do some research & make notes of the key elements.3. Prepare a slideshow and be ready to deliver your presentation to the class (speaking from your notes).


Mixed marriages

Step 2

Both Sides Now



1. Observe the article : What can you expect it to be about ?2. Read the article and react! > What do you learn about Louise Manly ? Whatcan you imagine about her life ? 3. Groupwork : create a timeline of Louise’s story (tip : use time references, tenses & linking words to help you)




Go onto NIMMA's website and answer the following questions:1 – What is NIMMA and what do the letters stand for ? 2 – What is their slogan ? 3 – What do their activities consist in ?4 – When was NIMMA founded ? 5 – What is the « Galway Convention » ? 6 – What is « Ne Temere » ? 7 – What is « Matrimonia Mixta » ? 8 – Why was 1983 a significant year ? 9 – Find out what happened to Nick Garbutt.10 – Write down notes about any other testimony you read about over your research.11 – What about Penal Laws in Ireland ? 12 – What problems do people in mixed marriages face today ?

+ homework

Read and understand an article from a newspaper.

“The passionate kiss that is the heartening symbol of a new Belfast becoming more oblivious to sectarianism”, The Belfast Telegraph (Oct 21, 2013)


Finding peace

Step 3

3. Go back to your group to make sure you all got the same descriptions and try to imagine the context surrounding the documents.

2. Meet with a person from each other groups to exchange your descriptions & conclude : what do your documents have in common?

1. Use your guidelines to describe the document with your group (make notes).



Belfast's peace walls



"Belfast's murals: Off the wall?"1. React ! (c.f. wh-questions)2. Groupwork > pick out phrases that reveal :a. what the murals were beforeb. what they have become today

+ homework

Present the “Hands Across The Divide” sculpture.

Your written presentation shall answer the following questions : 1. What is it? What does it represent? (Who are the people? What is the divide?)2. Why was the sculpture made? What is its impact?3.Is the sculpture still relevant today?


1. Choose a sculpture or mural from Derry. 2. Introduce and describe it in detail. 3. Analyse the significance of such a sculpture or mural and its relevance today. 4. Prepare your slide and record your guide.

Final task

Create an audioguide for a sculpture or mural in Derry.