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⁃ Hit 2 nights : 13-14 March 1941
⁃ Population of around 50,000 people : 35 000 became homeless


-Famous for steal production
-Major centre for armaments
-Hit by two raids on 12 and 15 December 1940
-750 dead during the raids
-Damage relatively light in the industry areas
-City centre devastated
-3,000 homes and shops were destroyed

⁃ First air raid 7-8 April 1941
⁃ Another raid on April 15th that lasted 5h
⁃ Fires
⁃ Death toll by 1944 : 745 people

⁃ Raided in early 1941
⁃ East coast raided in March and May 8th-9th
⁃ Riverside devastated by fire
⁃ 450 killed, 10% of the population homeless
⁃ Bombed again in June
⁃ Referred as “north east town”
⁃ Many weren’t aware of the damage in this city

⁃ Raided almost every 4 weeks during the start of 1941
⁃ Heaviest raid 10-11 January
⁃ 140 tons of explosive bombs were dropped
⁃ 40,000 incendiaries on the city
⁃ Fires in dockyard
⁃ Guildhall destroyed


-bombed on 2 January 1941
-The raid left 165 people dead and the same number injured
-bombed again consecutive nights in early March
-Series of raid in docks, vital in maintaining Britain’s supply lines

-Heaviest raids on consecutive nights on 22-23 and 23-24 December
-Free Trade Hall, Smithfield Market and St Anne’s Church were destroyed
-Deansgate and Oxford Road were blocked with debris and unexploded bombs
-8,000 houses were destroyed or made uninhabitable
-Many of the city’s firemen and civil defence workers not returned from Liverpool which had been hit on 20 December
-Fires destroyed bomber’s path to Manchester


-Most bombed area in 1940, Merseyside too
-Hit by 350 tons of high explosive bombs on 28-29 November to 20-23 December
-Merseyside was hit on consecutive nights
-May 1941, Merseyside was bombed almost every night
-1,900 people were killed, 1450 seriously wounded, 70,000 made homeless
-Bootle : 8,000 out of 17,000 houses destroyed or damaged


  • It was hit by two serious raids on the night of 23 November and 30 November 1940

  • The second raid lasted six hours, 800 high explosive bombs were dropped

  • The water, gas and electricity supplies were cut off in many areas

  • The city municipal leaders were widely criticized


  • By November 1940, Bristol had already endured numerous raid

  • On 24 November, the city was hit by an air raid of much greater ferocity than before

  • The raid left 207 dead

  • 187 seriously injured

  • 175 UXBs ( Unexplored bombs ) were left behind


  • Important engineering and armament centre

  • Raided on 14-15 November 1940

  • 568 people were killed

  • 850 seriously injured

  • One third of the city houses were made uninhabitable and 35% of its shop were destroyed


  • Britain third most bombed city

  • Raided on August 1940, more in September and October

  • On 19-20 November 1940, one of the city most important factories was hit and 53 workers were killed

  • Birmingham was blitzed again on 21-22 and 22-23 November

⁃ Small scale raids throughout 1940
⁃ Docks and naval base targeted in March and April 1941
⁃ Over 900 killed, 40,000 homeless

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