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The Blitz around Britain

by Eva, Clémence, Séréna and Olivia

the bombings

Birmingham : Britain's third most-bombed city, after London and Liverpool. August 1940. 53 workers were killed. Birmingham was blitzed again on 21-22 and 22-23 November

Cardiff : Cardiff is situated in South Wales and was bombed on 2 January 1941.

The raid left 165 people dead and the same number injured.

Plymouth : Hit by intermittent small scale bombing raid throughout 1940. Its docks and naval base made it a major target.

900 people were killed and 40 000 were made homeless.

Liverpool : the most bombed area outside London. On 28-29 November it was hit by 350 tons of high explosive bombs. The surrounding streets of terraced houses where the docks and the family lived were destroyed. During the first eight days of May 1941, Merseyside was bombed almost every night. 1,900 people were killed, 1,450 seriously wounded and 70,000 made homeless. In Bootle, 8,000 out of 17,000 houses were destroyed or damaged during the Blitz.

Sheffield : The industrial city of Sheffield, famous for steel production was a major centre for armaments manufacture.

There were 750 dead and the city was devastated in the raid and nearly 3000 homes and shops were destroyed.

Bristol : Bristol had already endured numerous air raids.

The raid left 207 dead and 187 injured.

Manchester : on 22-23 and 23-24 December. The Free Trade Hall, Smithfield Market and St Anne's Church were destroyed. More than 8,000 homes were destroyed or made uninhabitable

Belfast : Like Plymouth, it was the primary target due to its docks and shipyards.

Hit by its first air raid on 7-8April 1941, it was blitzed again on 15 April which lasted 5 hours. Officially, 745 people died.

Coventry : important engineering and armaments producing centre, was raided on 14-15 November 1940. The medieval Cathedral was destroyed. In cities where the population is around 200,000 inhabitants, everyone knew someone killed or injured in the raid.

Southampton : the city was hit by 2 serious raids on the nights of 23 Novembre and 30 November.

During the second of these raids, which lasted 6 hours, 800 high explosive bombs were dropped.

Hull : Hull is situated in the North East of England and was targeted during the early 1941.

Thus, the city was devastated by fire and 450 people were killed and 10% of the population made homeless.

Clydebank : Hit by two nights of devastating raids - 13/14 March 1941

Out of 50 000 people, 35 000 were made homeless.

The Scottish Regional Commissioner described the Clydebank Blitz as a “Major Disaster”

Portsmouth : Portsmouth suffered its heaviest raid on 10-11 January.

In addition, German aircraft dropped 140 tons of high explosive bombs and 40000 incendiaries on the city.