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What is segregation ?

The prohibitions of black Americans 01

The prohibitions 02

The obligations

Differences in the south and the north

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1. What is segregation ?

Racial segregation is a separation between groups of people, differentiated by their skin colour. This discrimination can be physical with forbidden places or discriminatory (e.g. civil rights).
The northern United States abolished slavery in the late 18th century. Then slavery was abolished throughout the United States on December 6, 1865. Racial segregation was established in the Southern states after the "Civil War" (1861-1865). The Southern states wanted to prevent the rights of Black Americans. They used intimidation and laws that made the rights of Black Americans different. They were overturned in the 1960s.

2. Prohibitions of black Americans

Here are some examples (in pictures) of daily life, of this discrimination.

  • A black man couldn't lend a book to a white man.

  • The officer in charge wasn't allowed to bury any colored people on a ground used for the burial of white people.

  • A white child was forbidden to play with a black child.

  • Black and white people couldn't be served in the same room.

3. Prohibitions

The bans have led to great discrimination against Black Americans, who could not but accept it.

  • Black and white students couldn't attend the same schools.

  • Black and white people couldn't marry each other.

  • Black and white people couldn't share a meal, they had to eat in different places

  • They couldn't own lands in white areas.

4. The obligations

All these obligations and prohibitions are a great discrimination against black Americans .

  • In the 1950s, black and white people had to respect the Jim Crow laws in the South.

  • Black people had to accept low-paid jobs.

  • Black people had to obey a series of laws.

  • They had to sit at the back of the buses. They couldn't sit next to a white person.

5. Differences in the south and the north

From the 19th century on, the biggest difference between the North and the South was the adoption of segregation laws by the former Confederate states. These laws condemned blacks to an inferior status. This discrimination occurred throughout the nation, but the Southern states punished those who did not follow the racial order imposed by the law. Blacks in the South were denied the right to vote.

Blacks suffered numerous discriminations and exclusions in public places and services (trains, buses) because of the segregationist laws -Jim Crow laws instituted in 1876.

It was not until the adoption of the Civil Rights Act, signed by President Lyndon Johnson on July 2, 1964, that all forms of segregation were prohibited in public places. But attitudes were slower to change than laws in some places, necessitating a continued struggle to enforce the Civils Rights Act.