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Covid-19: Denmark to lift restrictions amid record number of infections

The Danish government believes that the country's vaccination coverage is sufficient against the less serious Omicron variant.

40,611 cases and 17 deaths on average each day during the week of Wednesday 19 to Tuesday 25 January 2022. 81.4% of the population fully vaccinated (as of 24 January 2022, source JHU).

Crisis in Ukraine: Russian military manoeuvre on the border

Saint Thomas (Aquinas)

Friday 28th


The press review of Hugo

Senior Human Rights Watch official spied on by Pegasus software

In Sweden and Austria

Vocabulary :

Further : plus loin
Rate : taux
assessement : évaluation

In the other country :

Source : Le Monde

In Denmark,

The government only wants to maintain certain restrictions on entry to Denmark for a further four weeks, namely testing and/or quarantine depending on the country of origin.

With more than 46,000 new cases on Tuesday, the rate of infection is extremely high in the Nordic country, "but our current assessment is that the epidemic will soon peak," the minister justified on Twitter.

The situation :

In summary :

Pegasus has claimed another victim in civil society: two phones belonging to Lama Fakih, Conflict and Crisis Director for Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the NGO's office in Beirut, Lebanon, have been infected with the powerful spyware.

Senior Human Rights Watch official spied on by Pegasus software

Pegasus is a spyware designed to attack iOS and Android smartphones. It is designed and marketed since 2013 by the Israeli company NSO Group

Source : Le Monde, FOX news

Vocabulary :

Claimed : Réclamé
Belonging to : Appartenant à
A spyware : Un logiciel espion

Crisis in Ukraine: Russian military manoeuvre on the border

The war of nerves continues in the East. On Tuesday 25 January, the Russian armed forces launched a new series of manoeuvres in southern Russia, close to Ukraine and in Crimea, the Ukrainian peninsula annexed in 2014. These exercises involve 6,000 men, fighter planes and bombers.

Moscow, which has deployed tens of thousands of troops in recent months in the vicinity of Ukraine, has also announced joint exercises with other countries on the borders of the European Union (EU).
Source : 20minutes, France 24

Vocabulary :

The war of nerves : La guerre des nerts
Launched : Lancé (ici des forces armées)
A peninsula : Une péninsule
Anexed : Anexé
Fighter planes : Des avions de combats
In the vicinity : Dans les environs



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