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Cultural Diary: Still fighting for gender equality

The fight for gender equality and women's rights is still present in our society and some people try to contribute to this cause doing actions which have impact.

Dear Young Woman

by Britta.B

This document is a recitation of a poem by britta.b entitled "dear young woman".

Quiet - MILCK

This document is a song written and sung by MILCK released in 2018.

This document is a tweet made by Alyssa Milano about the #MeToo movement in 2017.

I chose those documents because they're all related with the Fight for gender equality and women's rights, therefore they will help me to answer this problematic: What does women do to led to an improvement in women's rights ?

first, we'll see that women use arts to fight for women's rights and then we'll that they use also social medias.

First, women use arts to try to improve in women's rights.
Indeed, using the arts allows them to spread their idea and their fight in order to make their voice heard by a large number of people.

- That's what Milck did in her song "Quiet": she wrote this song to help women who have suffered of sexual assault to talk and no staying quiet hence the title.
She qualifies the song as a therapy song, she wants to fight for her rights with other women as one community.

- Britta.B wrote a poem which seems to be adressed towards all young teenage girls. She helps young women to be confident in themselves. She's saying that gender equality isn't over and she encourages women to be strong.

Then, women use social medias to led an improvement in women's rights.
Indeed, social medias can be used to spread a message across the world because nowadays, almost everyone is on social medias.

- The movement #MeToo is the perfect example to justify this argument. In fact, Alyssa Milano who's a famous actress, made a tweet to spread the message that every women who have been victims of sexuals assaults should use this hashtag to denounce those acts. Social medias have allowed this movement to be known throughout the planet.

- Britta.B made a recitation of her poem on social media, as a result, she was able to make her poem known and help a lot of young women who are most present on social medias.

To put it in a nutshell, women use arts and social medias to led to an improvement in women's rights.