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Montague Rhodes James' literary map







Montague Rhodes James was an english writer, author of many fantastic stories, who always signed "M.R James"

This english character was famous for his fantastic tale often in connection with his own passion : English history, archaeological research and bibliophily. James wrote and published many books and papers on his studies,he was best remembered today for his ghost stories.

Moreover H.P Lovecraft ( american writer ) considers him as one of the best writer in this category. Lovecraft loved the originality of Montague Rhodes James's stories and his capacity to reinvent supernatural's horror and the image of the phantoms.

In fact, M.R James is maybe the most subtle in his approach of supernatural. His stories happens usually in a village, in a big English propriety, in a old France city, in Danemark, in Sweden or in a venerable abbey or university. He had three rules for writing ghost stories: there should be no long and complicated information about ghostly practices; the stories should happen in ordinary places and to ordinary people; and, most importantly, the ghost should be evil and eager to hurt or frighteen people.

He grew up in Suffolk, a ceremonial county of England.

Montague Rhodes James was born on the 1st august 1862 in Goodnestone, around Dover, in the Kent.

Goodnestone is a small village and a civil parish. In South-west there is Goodnestone Park with garden and a english castle.

Montague Rhodes James was an expert of medieval literature and passioned of litterature, he was nommed principal of King's college of Cambridge in 1905.

King's college created in 1440 by Henri 4.

He studied in Eton's college then after in 1918 he worked there as principal.

He died the 12 june 1936 also in Eton, in Berkshire. He was 73 years old.

"The unquiet grave" has been edited in Oxford university press. The author is of course Montague Rhodes James.

There is 5 short scary stories in this book.

The first is about a mysterious picture of a unknow house. This picture has something special : it moved. The mysterious family's story behind this picture is very scary...

The second is about Mr Thomson in holidays in a comfortable house. One day he decided to visit this house and he discovered a frightening creature in one of the bedroom...

The third talk about Mr Karswell, a writer. This man is weird and doesn't accept reviews. The last person who give a bad review of his book died mysteriously.. So, when Mr Dunnig give to Mr Kasrwell his expert opinion on a weird paper he give to him, strange thing begin to happened to him...

The fourth is about someone who death brutaly: Squire Bowles. This personn doesn't want a coofin and be burried in the family tomb. He was rich but strangely, no money has been found. Between a misterious death, spirit and money, this story is very surprising...

And the last tell the story of Professor Parkings also in holidays. He visited an old churches and find a strange whistle. And when he blow on it, a spirit pursues him....

To conclude, this book is good and interesting. It's about mystery ghost or cursed stuff and many other else. I recommend to read it at midnight alone. It will be scary and hilarious!