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with a little help...


covering letter



serious professional email address

Mention the position you are aiming at

no photo, nationality, age, sex

+33 (0) in front of your tel number

writing your CV


Sort out your professional experiences (most recent first)

detail 3 or 4 missions, skills acquired during the professional experience

Don't hesitate to mention all your professional experiences even the summer jobs even if not linked to your application

Note the place, type of company and the exact post

Writing your CV


sort out your diplomas (most recent first) but they are not the most important aspect

Pour l'année en cours, il faut écrire "working towards..."

keep the French name of your diploma and explain in English

Writing your CV


Languages, note your certification scores, mention your trips abroad

the section "interests" is really important, if you mention vague interests, you will show nothing of your personality

'Additional skills' (BAFA, BNSSA, Premiers secours., permis...) are also very important

Writing your CV

In "references", mention people on an academic or professional level that can support you or if no names put 'available on request'

: available on request


Header is reversed if letter

1) say that you are applying and how you heard of the post/mission

Mention your attached CV or enclosed resume

Your cover letter

pas de "Mister" ou Mr "Miss" ou "Mrs" sans nom de famille derrière

mieux que Mrs ou Miss


2) Introduce yourself

4) Explain why you and not somebody else from the same educational background

Your cover letter

3) Explain your motivations


Your cover letter

5) Say you are ready for interview

6) use polite ending:

Yours Faithfully

respectueuses salutations

Yours Sincerely

sincères salutations

Best Regards



1) Aim at HR or head of department, put the secretary in copy

2) keep your emails, the ones you sent, who you sent them to, the ones you received, who answered?

3) in the email mention that you are applying and which precise position but remain vague about the dates. Group the CV and the covering letter in one single pdf in attachment to the email.

4) After a week with no answer, try to reach out again (email or phone call, visit if possible)