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The conjuring II

James wan

A Real story :

the story of the Hodgson family

June the 7th of 2016

Demon possession

Valak (the demon)

Hodgson family

Warren case

Hunted house

the main actors :

Patrick wilson and Vera farmiga

also known as
Ed warren and lorraine warren

madison wolfe

also known as
janet hodgson

what did i like ?

  • pulse flesh and chills that gave me this movie
  • real photos and audios at the end of it

why is it the scariest movie i have ever seen ?

  • the atmosphere (dark/light, musique...)
  • the house
  • the demon
  • caracters (make up, outfits...)
  • the era
  • a real story

is there any gothic elements ?


  • old and big house
  • atmosphere of mystery
  • vision
  • supernatural event
  • high emotion
  • woman in distress
  • gloomy decors

what rating woul i give it and what was its official rating ?

An amazing movie :

Of course !

I totally recommend this movie, it is a must see.

would i recommend you this movie ?