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My working experience


1. Introduction

2. My job, my tutor and my activities

3. Typical day

4. Work team

5. Conclusion


My work experience

First, I am going to tell you about my job, my tutor and my activities.

Second, I am going to tell you about a typical day.
Third, I would like to tell you about the work team.
Finally, I would like to tell you about my feelings, if this could be my future job and why I chose that work experience

My job, My tutor and my activities

My job

I was a commercial 7 hours per day from 9h00 to 12h00 and from 2h00 to 6h00.

My work experience was from November the twenty-ninth to December the third.

When ?

My tutor

My tutor was nice, her name is Anaïs and she's commercial.

My work experience was at Orvault near Nantes in a Suzuki showroom.

Where ?

My activities

My tutor let me research cars on Autosphere's web site and made me clean the showroom, the entrance and the cars.

To be a good commercial, you must be convincing, welcoming, friendly, resourceful and smart.

The qualities needed

A typical day as commercial

In a typical day, a commercial can :

Present cars to customers

Search cars

Create sales records

Store fleet vehicules

Check car availbility on a computer

Request conversion bonus assistance (to make the client pay less)


In a typical day, a commercial can :

Update the price sheets

Take pictures of a vehicule to put it on sale

Clean cars

Buy cars


The work team

Jean-Luc is also a commaercial.


Laurent is a commercial.


Vincent is the boss of this dealer.


The work team - Desk

Khemony is a store keeper.


Cédric is also a mechanics.


Mathias is a mechanics.


The work team - Garage

Adrien is also a receptionist.


Kevin is a receptionist.


Fabienne is the accounant.


The work team - Paperwork and welcome

I meet also Dider who is aesthtic preparer. He was hire for clean cars.



My feelings

I worked in autonomy.

I wasn't at school.

It was boring because there was nothing to do.


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I don't think it's going to be my furure job because since the age of sixth I would like to be an automotive engineer.

My future job ?

Why ?

I chose that work experience because I am passionate about cars and I couldn't find another experience that suited me.


thank you