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Presentation of my poster
Today I'm going to present you my poster which aims to show the gender inequalities at school level in the world .
Firstly as a background color I decided to use the color pink to represent the women, and this one is granulated to show some aggressiveness as a strength. I chose white for the middle of the image to highlight the important information in the center.
At the top of the image I put the logo of Joffre and the logo of Unicef . I took Unicef because they are for the purpose of helping the children of disadvantaged pay for education and many others. Here the logos are put at the top of the image to show that it is their posters. Moreover, there is a raised fist with a sign of peace which is in black, it is to recall the woman.
“Come on girls come on” is the slogan, it is written in large and strong font to show support for them. There is a text in red that gives powerful information, which is "More than 130 million girls are out of school . I created a fake 'the day together' event with Unicef. The goal is to bring together the students of Joffre and the girls who do not have access to education. I put a small agenda to remind the dates of this event which will take place from March 18 to 19 . finally I put a small text which is "fight for equality in education" that evokes the subject of the poster .
To finish at the bottom right of the poster I put social networks to make it more real .
We can notice that I chose simplicity for the poster, I did not put too much text moreover it is spaced out so that the readers are more free in its reading.
I chose seve!:ral fonts to diversify the readers, they are each a different meaning. I chose mostly black to represent the seriousness of the poster.