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Welcome to my logbook!

In this logbook, I will be able to express my feelings about the trip (hope it won't be too boring)

This image was taken in the American Cemetery, in Cean. You can see many white crosses as far as the eye can see, representing tombs. The white cross symbolizes peace. This peace is accentuated by the light green of the lawn which symbolizes nature but also peace. This photo struck me the most because it perfectly represented many of the victims of the war. There is a gap between saying the number 10,000 and seeing it digit by digit. This allowed me to really realize the magnitude of the number of victims.

I) American Cemetery

II ) The most surprising thing

For me "the most surprising thing" of the trip was to see the landing beaches (let me explain). When we went to visit the landing beaches, I expected to see flat beaches, without cliffs. However I was surprised to see that the American and French soldiers had to climb huge cliffs (of at least 500 meters). When I saw with my own eyes these gigantic cliffs, I immediately imagined how these soldiers managed to climb these cliffs and overcome the German soldiers although the German soldiers had a terrible advantage on the height. I then learned that the soldiers who participated in the landing were hard trained and selected to climb this kind of cliff and ensure assaults. I admit that if I was in their time, I would not bet 1 euro on the success of this attack. But luckily, it worked!
War strategies will always fascinate me...

It's impressive

I allow myself to put a photo of me.

I would surely have been a good soldier

enough with the jokes

III ) Most important aspect to know

In my opinion, the most important aspect of the trip was "memory", let me explain. All the outings made during the trip (museums and cemeteries) were intended to remind us how and why today we are lucky to live in a country where freedom, equality, peace and fraternity reign. But what is even more important, in my opinion, is the fact that young men, aged only 17/18, participated in the war. Imagining the fact that they were my age and they died at my age sends shivers down my spine . So it's basically to remember them, because instead of enjoying their youth, they sacrificed it so that our generations can enjoy their youth.
This aspect came to my mind during the visit to the German cemetery, when I looked at the date of birth and death of the soldiers, realizing their young age...

Note that cemeteries are places that make me think a lot and question me a lot (death is a mystery that makes me think a lot). These are places that carry the memory of heroes.

IV )The worst and the best moment of the stay!

A) Let's start with the best moments !

To say that the best moments of the trip were the visits to the museums would make me a model student I think...
Let's get serious, certainly these moments were great moments because I like to learn things and expand my general culture. But I love laughing more than anything. And therefore, the evenings of free time were the best moments. Why would you tell me? Because I really liked the little warm moments between friends. Especially the fact of manipulating them all while playing as a werewolf, what a pleasure...
Although the curfews were damn early!

I like the purple :)

B) The Worst moments

Paradoxically, the worst moment was also, in my opinion, the funniest.
I explain in one word "food". When I saw the small "restaurant" (quotations are very important) of the hotel, I expected to eat food worthy of French gastronomy.
What was my surprise (sorry for the nasty words that will follow), when I saw this "" rice "" cold, sticky, without sauce, and this breaded fish killed for that ... Obviously I ate it all but I expected better...
These fries so oily...
Well, it doesn't matter!

Thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to read it all! I had a very nice trip that I'm not ready to forget!

Thanks in particular to the teachers who were great! (Special mention to Mr Kovchar who made me carry other people's suitcases...)