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Location & Geography


Asheville, North Carolina in the Southern of the US

Largest city in western North Carolina

Asheville is the 12 most popular city in the United States

Oceanic climate

Asheville is the country seat of Buncombe city !

The city is on an uneven plateau: the elevation is in average of 670m


Population, and population growth over the last 30 years

In 2010, the Asheville's population: 83 393
In 2022: 93 350

40 miles (64km)
Population density: 2.048 p/mile 2

+9% thanks to the mountain city

In 2005, hundreds houses are build: big shift for Asheville

+ 0.26 % every year !

The city knows a quite slow increase, they lost inhabitants during the 70 and 80's. A strong growth happenned in the 90's and at the beginning of the 2000's a big evolution as the city grows and modernizes !

3 City center/suburbs

City center of Asheville = Paris of the south

200 + locally-owned stores and boutiques

100 restaurants

Most of the people live in the surburbs

The inhabitants of the city center are mostly under the poverty line

There are very riches places in the city center (high-income) , so it's attractive !

Asheville is the first city with the majority of the population live dowtown !

Transports is almost an obligation for all the Asheville's population (work,school...)

The city center has the highest level of the most voloient of crimes

=>Downtown people are worry

4 Wealth divide

The racial wealth gap's just as wide today as it was 30 years ago

Laws and system have kept people of color and especially black Americans from accessing homeownership

The racial wealth gap and the homeownership is still today a real problem in the US. Asheville is a example but most citites like New York , Atlanat etc also know this racial wealth gap

5 Gentrification




Asheville's median household has from $125,000 to $235,000 from 2000 to 2016

The median home price as increased of 88 percent in Asheville while the average wage has increased only 21 percent (US census)

The increase of the median household could be attributed to Asheville's growing popularity

6 Conclusion

To conclude, we can say that Asheville is a reflection on certain points of the US city model like the wealth divide

The build of houses in the surburbs divided the population
The center is very dicided: the very rich and very poor people are in the same place

About gentrification, Asheville has know a huge increased of the median houselhold since 2000