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What’s the difference between a mentor and a tutor?

Tutoring and mentoring have similar aims – to support people to achieve their goals. Let’s take a closer look at some of the similarities and differences.


  • Tutoring and mentoring both aim to boost confidence and wellbeing
  • Both forms of support are individual-focused.Tutoring sessions are tailored to the learning needs of the learners, while mentoring aims to support the recipient.
  • Tutors and mentors can either be selected or assigned


  • Tutoring has a more academic focus, while mentoring offers more general support
  • Tutoring sessions are more structured in terms of time scale, process and outcome
  • Tutors have specified knowledge about a subject or the curriculum
  • A mentor-student relationship can be more informal than tutoring, as sessions may involve play or a walk in the park
  • In mentoring, results are less quantifiable and more about the person’s own sense of wellbeing

Additional resources

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Tutorial System

dissemination plan

Tutorial Scenario

Monitor Tutorial Performance


- Analyze learners needs for help
- Define the learning support axes to invest in
- Prioritize your interventions
- Identify roles and functions of the various tutors

- Design and measure the tutoring interventions
- Choose the communication tools to be used to carry out the interventions
- Write a tutorial guide of expected standards

- Train tutors and create communities for practice and assimilation
- Create tools to monitor tutorial relations
- Define the economic model of the tutorial system

- Collecting descriptive data on the tutorial scheme
- Data collection using interviews and questionnaires from both tutors and learners
- Review of data using an Analytical Grid and criteria
- Presentation of the results and development of recommendations