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War will not tear us apart

Are jane austen's views on love and marriage still relevant today ?


Love at war


Encounters : love and friendship

"Testament Of Youth"

Document studied in class

The document that we studied is a movie poster for the length film, "Testament of Youth". This movie is a british drama, released on October 14th, in 2014. It's inspired by the First World War, and adapted from the Vera Brittain book, of the same name written by her. It stages Vera's life, a british independent and upper class woman, who sees her life falling apart when her brother and her fiance are sent to fight in the WWI.


I didn't like this document at first, but it grew on me as soon as we studied it. I liked the contrast between love and war, our chapter. I thought it represented it really well.

The chosen movie poster is really pretty for me. We see Vera and her fiance hugging to saying goodbye I can imagine, while a beautiful sunset above the sea and a field of poppies, the symbol flower of the first world war, are behind them. Under this first image, there are three others that I assume, are from the movie and a bunch of people with Vera and her fiancee on top of them.

I liked this document because it is for me, a beautiful image but also because we got to see the trailer of this movie, which seems incredible. Full of emotions : fear, joy, sadness, worry... I can't wait to watch it !

Why Did I Chose This Document ?

I really liked it, first of all because of the pretiness. This movie poster is absolutely beautiful. There are many colors that attract our eye. We can see a beautiful sunset above the sea. There's also a field of poppies behind the two main characters that are hugging each other either to say goodbye or because they are reunited after a very long time.

So, I liked the aestetics of the picture, but not only. We got to see a trailer of this movie and I must say that it was incredible ! A movie full of twists and turns, we go through all emotions. It made me want to watch this movie so much and I think I will.

The Total Agony of Being in Love

Love Actually Love, The Home Of Romance


This video is a chosen extract from the movie "Love Actually" a movie released on November 14th, in 2003. This film is a christmas themed romantic comedy. It stages a lot of stories about different people, esepecially love ones, since it(s a romantic romedy.

This video is from the movie "Love Actually", the characters we are seeing in this extract are Sam and his stepfather, Daniel. They are talking about being in love after a beloved past away.

I personnally liked this document a lot, because, in the first place, I found it very deep, emotionnally. A little boy who is worried to fall in love after his mother's death is a problem some people can actually face in real life, the problem of thinking about someone else while a close member of yours passed away. It made me emotional.

I also liked the fact that we watched an extract of one of my favourite movies in class.I had a great pleasure watching it and that you made some of my classmates discovering it. I found it interesting to study english by movies, not only books and also learning about the agony of being in love.

French soldiers LEAVING

This document is a picture of french infantry soldiers leaving during WWI. We can imagine they are saying goodbye to their beloved wifes, though they look happy.

This picture is in black and white.


This document wasn't my favourite, I didn't really appreciate it because we only studied the picture, without saying a lot about it. At least not a lot that I can remember.

Saving Private Ryan

My First Personal Document


"Saving Private Ryan" is a movie released on July 24th, 1998, in the US. The topic of it is the second world war. This movie is based on the Normandy Invasion in 1944 where Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) is asked to search for Private Ryan, whose 3 brothers have been killed in the war.

My Personal Document : War Movie

I choose the movie "Saving Private Ryan" because it's talking about war, the second World War, and personnally, I adore this movie. Very emmotional, who kind of showed the sides of the war that we couldn't imagine. We follow the character, live with him for a little while... It's very deep and intense.

I was hoping we might study it, unfortunately we didn't because love isn't a topic in this feature film.

"The Kommandant's Girl"

My Personal Document : War Book

"The Kommandant's Girl" is a novel wrote in 2007 by Pam Jenoff, an american author. The story is set during the second World War, and especially the Holocaust period. It describes the story of Emma Bau, a nineteen year old polish girl who has been married for 3 weeks and sees her husband suddendly disappear, taken by nazis.


I read this book a few years ago, but the first time I did, I feel in love with it. Literally. I don't want to spoil too much, because you maybe want to read it but man it's incredible. I chose it, because I think it represents pur topics really well (except the fact that it's happening during WWII). We have a beautiful and tragic love story here, destroyed because of the war.

"The Heart Wants What It Wants"

My Personal Document : Love Song


This song is from the worldwide singer Selena Gomez. After being released in November 2014, this ballad took over everyone's ears, and remains as one of the most viewed song on her YouTube channel.

This song represents love very well for me. It might be a breakup song but break up starts with love right ?

If you look at the lyrics, there's a phrase that says "The bed's getting cold and you're not here". It means that since her lover isn't there anymore, the bed is half empty, there's one place left and since there's no one to warm it up, it's now cold.

I choose this song because I think that's a really pretty one, a sweet voice with great instrumentals in the background, the lyrics are very emmotional and we can identify ourselves in it. Plus, Selena Gomez is one of my favourite singer so I of course wanted to add something about her in my cultural diary.


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I truly hope my work was worth it, that you appreciated and it didn't make you feel like a homework to correct.

Thanks !