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Lesson : Zero Waste

Final task :
- prepare a poster
- prepare a survey
- make a video

STEP 1 // What is waste?


le dernier trait


manure and other waste from farms, poultry hourse and slaughterhouses

waste that comes from inside our homes

waste that are generated in a municipality or a local governement area

What is waste?

material that is rendered during a manufacturing process

radioactive waste generated from nuclear energy industry

domestic waste

nuclear waste

industrial waste

municipal waste

agricultural waste

In pair discuss about what is waste and create a presentation poster

Step 2// Why waste can't be ignored?

You will watch a video 3 times
take notes in French during the pause
then write a compte rendu in 10 minutes maximum

Step 3 // What can be done everyday?

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FINAL TASK : Write a survey about Zero Waste

Click on link and think about questions you could ask to our Etwinnng partners