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Students : Camille - Clémence - Prune - Hugo M
Grade : 3e 5
Advisor: Mr Cappelle

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the Year 2021

The 1st of January 2021, Great Britain left the Eurpean Union : european flag lost a star !
It is a major event specially for us, French, as Great Britain is a border country.




The 18th of February, NASA's Mars 2020 space mission, which includes the Perseverance rover and ingenuity helicopter, successfully landed on Mars. After a seven-month journey, it was an incredible moment.



On March 9th, the trial of police officer Derak Chauvin began for his involvement in the May 25th, 2020 death of George Floyd. This event was worldwide known, Reactions came from a lot of foreign countries.





On April 15th, 2021, a shooting took place at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis. Nine people died in the attack, including the gunman who killed himself, and six people were injured. Violence is more and more important in the USA.

The 31st of May in France, the vaccination was open to all adults people.This is an important event in the context of covid situation.



The 2nd June, NASA announced the selection of two new missions to Venus : Veritas and Davinci, which will land between 2028 and 2030. After Mars, another planet will be studied, a major global research.



July 6th till July 17th : the 74th Cannes Film Festival was postponned from May due to Covid-19.
For the first time since 74 years, the president of jury was a black men : Spike Lee. It is a new major step for black people !



An earthquake of magnitude 7.2 occurs in Haiti and causes the death of more than thousand people.
Another drama for this poor country;



6 years after November 13th Paris attacks, the trial hearings started on Wednesday, September the 8th, at the Paris court house.
An important moment in the french judiciary history.
From Wednesday, September the 8th and during 9 months, French justice will have to study the files of attacks of November 13th.
The start of hearings was hunder maximum security at the old courthouse. Civil parties and many lawyers were present on the spot, hoping to obtain answers from the accused.



In October, the last James Bond movie "No time to die" is released in theaters. It was the last film with the actor Daniel Craig who played the agent 007.
An important movie for the fans !



The 14th of November, there has been the air schow in Dubaï. There was the new "Air Bus A350" in the colors of the Emirates compagny.
The launch of a new aircraft is always a significant moment!



The 8th of December, Olaf Scholz was elected "chanceller of Germany". Angela Merkel will leave her high responsibilities after 16 years, an important event for Germany and European Community.