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Activity Of the platinium jubilee

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time table

1. Break fast...

2. queen on the tamise

3. Lunch

5&6: Day two...

4. Evening activity



At 8 am, every body will take the bigest breakfast
ever (pancakes,bacons,eggs,
beans, corn flaks, sausages,
every kind of drinks, ...)


The Queen will cross the whole of the Thames on a boat, waving to the people and then return to the mainland to go to the gigantic restaurant...


At the restaurant, all guests will have to book at least 10 days in advance to be able to dine in the same restaurant as the Queen. The dish will be predefined by the queen.
Everyone will eat the same thing.


There will be several activities on offer such as; a big water fight, VR (to visit the Queen's castles), a documentary on Queen Elizabeth 2, some shops will be selling a statuette of Queen Elizabeth 2 during her platinum jubilee that moves her hand and a new coin will be in circulation.



They will have a big concert (17h / 22h) during the concert, charles will do a spitch. After the concert there will be a huge firework display