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Cultural center of Vanuatu:

- National Museum of Vanuatu which offers exhibitions related to culture and history

- National Library of Vanuatu, which is both a heritage library with rare and valuable documents

International Bauerfield airport : biggest airport of Vanuatu → economic and commercial asset

Helicopter airport

Independence park

Villa Central Hospital

Port vila central school

Tourism : wide offer luxury or more familial hotels, restaurants, entertainment


In contrast to the current trend, 65% of Vanuatu's population lives in the rural areas of the archipelago, and the economy is based mainly on agriculture

Port : biggest port of Vanuatu → economic and commercial asset
export quality products, such as vanilla, pepper, coffee, and kava.

Buggy Fun Vanuatu: tourist attraction

Shopping : shopping center, shopping, stores (Linl Highway quartier Tebakor)

The big market: a popular place for tourists, rich in exotic fruits and vegetables and with a restaurant section

South Pacific University : since 2013 the University of Toulouse 1-Capitole has relocated the Economic and Social Administration degree (AES) there

French-speaking high school : Vanuatu is a former French colony
4% of the population speaks French

Vanuatu Institute of Technology National Universite de Vanuatu

Vanuatu Institute Of Teacher Education